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14331 Creative Commons, Fair Use, and Copyright for Teachers is a Course

14331 Creative Commons, Fair Use, and Copyright for Teachers

Ended Dec 24, 2016


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In the digital age, where educators and students have easy access to a wealth of information, it is more important than ever for educators to understand and model appropriate use and attribution of digital content. Laws related to copyright and fair use have serious implications for teachers and students. Without developing an understanding of these legal issues, educators can unknowingly place themselves and their students in unlawful situations related to digital content. To help protect content creators and to increase the ease with which digital content can be attributed and shared, a set of copyright licenses have been developed. Known as Creative Commons licensing, these guidelines allow content creators to publicly distribute their work while allowing content users to accurately attribute, use, and modify digital content. In this course, participants will explore issues related to copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licensing, which are at the core of digital citizenship for educators.

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